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hey there guys my name is John im new to this amazing forum I asked my extraction operator but I wasn’t to sure what the out come was we have a 8 stack 6x48 column running a 70butane 30propane blend active cls system the first question I had is what is the ratio of bio mass to solvent for a column like that he gave me a estimate of 5lb of solvent to 1lb of bio mass keep in mind this is for crude I don’t know if that matters. The second question I couldn’t wrap my hands around was if you can reuse the butane from one material column to another in other words lets say I only have a 100 lb of 70/30 blend and I was told I can pack 10lb of bio mass in each that would only mean I have just enough for 2 tubes out of 8 so my question is can I transfer my blend from one column to another after Its be soaked the bio mass And on to my last question how long are soak times

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I have some pictures before everything was hooked up all thats missing in the pictures is our ice tech chiller from bio gart so you guys get a picture of my system

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You’ll get answers all over the board on this…I have not seen and difference in 3lbs of solvent per lbs of biomass to 8:1! I soak and am passive…some will say 10:1…I soak for 2 hours but jacketed columns. Solvent can go from one to the other if ya wash well…as your saturation will high by the end…or do you mean after recovery?



thank you for the fast reply I really appreciate it honestly I have to and on the soak times I’ve heard like around 20 mins . whats the difference in soaking time and I am talking about before recovery while im extracting.



Yes my question is how to transfer the solvent after I saturate one column and transfer the same saturated solvent to the next column and then dump the solvent to the purge tank. is that possible?



Looks like you could use some help plumbing your system



How would u plumb it? What do u see wrong ?



You would have to soak a couple columns , then recover the tane before putting it thru another material tube, you could re use tane from column to column to need to completely reconfigure your hoses and find a way to push solvent thru… if you’re going for crude you don’t need long soak times because that will eat into your run time rather than just moving onto the next set of material imo.