I am in need of toll processing

Looking to do some toll processing. Only interested in talking to a lab but have 3 million pounds I need tolled.

What state do you reside in?

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We provide toll processing in CO and OR,please call 602-666-6146.

Both! Please respond to my cell 9254517532

We provide toll processing in a legal type 7 volatile extraction facility here in Arcata, California.

Shoot me a PM and we can work something out as long as it’s California-legal material.

Is there anyway we can toll for you? We are in Klamath basin and currently doing co2. We will have whipe film systems and pesticide remediations systems in place before harvest season. Please give us a shot you won’t be disappointed

THC or CBD? I’m the head extractor at a licensed lab in California. We have been looking for a new supplier,

I am the lab director at a co2 facility in Bridgeport WV- sub-critical co2- only 4 machines in the country with the same design. DM for details/ rates

This is a year old post ya know