Hydroxy Hexahydrocannabinol - Kilos Available

I want to update everyone that in conjunction with Cayman Chemical, standards for 10(R)-hydroxy-9(S)-Hexahydrocannabinol and 10(S)-hydroxy-9(R)-Hexahydrocannabinol are now publicly available for purchase.

At this time, the only third party testing lab capable of quantifying 8-OH-HHC and 10-OH-HHC is Labstat in Knoxville, formerly Kaycha TN.

No gatekeeping or exclusivity (who would do such a thing??) - you and your favorite testing labs can go out and purchase analytical materials at any time.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I am intrigued, hoping to buy a kilogram to start next week. 7203844896. Text first with your info and we will set up a call shortly after.


Where can I have this product 3rd party tested?

The only lab that can test for 8-OH-HHC and 10-OH-HHC is Labstat in Knoxville.

I don’t know how well versed you are in analysis and analytical chemistry matters, but I do want to make you aware of some of the limitations of testing at this time. When we developed this product, there were no analytical reference materials available for these compounds - we isolated each product and worked with Cayman to characterize these compounds, at the end of this work we provided Cayman with highly purified materials so that reference standards are available for the general public.

There is a difference between a certified reference material (CRM) and an analytical reference standard - in our case it has little to do with purity (the materials we provided were chromatographically pure, and recrystallized), and more to do with the accuracy of the standard’s preparation, as well as rigorous documentation and validation efforts. There is a very high bar to clear in terms of quality control to make a CRM, and it takes a long time to actually have a reference standard become an ISO certified CRM - at this time, Cayman has not opted to apply for CRM status on this reference standard (it costs them a lot of time and money to do this) and instead they have standards available as a solid preparation (when you buy the standard, you receive almost exactly 1mg of pure material in a vial, which can be used to calibrate your equipment and identify the compound on analytical instrumentation).

Why does this matter? It matters because solid preparations, and non-CRM formulations introduce significant error into quantification - for instance, if the 1mg they deliver is actually 1.1mg or 0.9mg then every result thereafter has as least 10% error. In pharma, you would not accept an analytical reference standard as suitable for accurate quantification - there is simply too much error involved.

What this means for you is that you can submit this material for a COA from Labstat, they can accurately tell you whether or not other cannabinoids are present (THCs, CBD, CBN, etc) and they can reliably indicate whether the material is high purity or not. However, quantification of 10-OH-HHC (and 8-OH-HHC) at this time is subject to significant error - high purity materials (98-99% pure) may still test anywhere from 85-110% pure simply because the only available reference material on the market is a non-CRM solid preparation. I am saying this so that you are cognizant of this when you get testing done - our isolated crystalline product is reliably 98-99% 10-OH-HHC, however you may receive results that appear to indicate otherwise. This is due to the limitations of testing currently. That is to say, a COA from Labstat can tell you that no other cannabinoids are present and tell you that you have the correct compound however quantification of 10-OH-HHC will be subject to inherent testing error at this time. So be mindful, if you receive a result that’s 90% purity - this number is not correct because of the limitations of the available reference standards.


I sell CBD products in Japan.
In Japan, THCH, THCB, THCV, THCBO, etc. have been regulated.

We are looking for raw materials that can be sold in Japan.
We are looking for ingredients such as THCHO, THCBO, HHCPO, HHCP, HHCB, HHCJD, etc.

If you sell a lot of raw materials, please contact me.

Please answer this question.

1.Do your ingredients have psychoactive effects?
Please tell me the name of the ingredients.

Please send your company information, URL, etc. to DM so that we can contact you.

We produce 10-OH-HHC and 8-OH-HHC, both of which are psychoactive. Both compounds remain legal in Japan and Europe.

Just sent you a DM.