Hydrocarbon/ Solvent/ Absorbent Supplier Comparison


We all have our favorite Solvent supplier, our favorite Hydrocarbon supplier and even our own Absorbent supplier. Many have it all in a one stop shop, but who do you think is the best? Looking for any suggestions coming from FIRST HAND experience. Who is the cheapest? Who is the best? Who is the worst? Looking for wisdom from my community.

I try and get my solvents locally.

Airgas will bring me hydrocarbons, CO2, or Ethanol (CDA12a, they’re working on “drinkable”!).

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Where you located ?




Las Vegas

@Killa12345 no one can beat his prices on powders I heard it straight from one of his competitors mouth.


So I originally wanted to go with @Killa12345 but the prices reflected on his websites for absorbents is not the cheapest pricing compared to other suppliers. IE Iris has 2kg of Activated Alumina for $21.68 and @Killa12345 is displaying $45 for his 2kg. More than double the price. Perhaps he can work out deals privately with companies. Ill reach out to him :+1:

@ApisLabs in Eugene.
Dry ice, solvents, media, and even sintered disks on the muthafucking shelf
In addition to that, they deliver, and offer support for the shit they sell, ie answer questions .
They deliver what u want all up and down the 5,

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Good luck purchasing from iris. They have been brought up many times in here. There is a difference. Hope it don’t cost you material to find out.

You might wanna look at the differences side by side. There will be a huge difference in appearance. Then you will see how they work.


I believe that. Ill search for some threads involving them for further info. This is exactly what I was looking to discuss. Some people have products for better pricing, but not for better quality. Thats what I wanted to distinguish here, whats worth it and what isnt? Hard to sift through all the bullshit from all these suppliers and the he said/she said. I see you dont supply solvent or gas, does Iris have shit solvent/gas too? Who would you recommend?

i work with solvent direct to provide them powders and try to help them with selling there alcohol. If you would like to discuss this a little bit more in private i can share a few other details. But here is another member thought on Iris. Dont just take my word for it…

The only reason i started selling the powders is cause we need them and cheaper than the current market rate. Most of the competitors came down to or around my price and that was the whole idea. I dont need to be the king of powders. LOL

It really dont matter to me who you buy the powders from. I just know carbon chemistry stuff isnt bootleg stuff. Has a really good track record in the industry for having quality stuff which doesnt really alter the compound we are after. You dont have to bake them out. And most people have used to really good success.

Id like super cheap absorbents too. But am i willing to fuck up my material in the search of that golden ticket $5 a kg clay. Im good. Me and the people i help are making enough money and want that to continue. its a cost of doing business.


Also, Anyone ever get these materials from Kush Supply Co? They are local and guarantee same day delivery which sounds wonderful to my boss, but I just dont trust a packaging company to supply my solvent. Figured I’d ask.

Thanks for going above and beyond and screenshotting that and for the solvent recommendation. Ill look into them rn. and Ill see about giving you a call

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my number is on the site if you wanna chat.


Iris products suck

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@CityTreesLabs i have been curious about kush myself. Did you get any info or try them?

Pharmaco-aaper/greenfield will absolutely brutalize the competition, it’s really not even fair- they were the source for all the green industry suppliers for a long time and are now deciding to cut out the middleman and go direct to end user.

Most of the companies y’all are talking about in the above posts are just reselling greenfield solvents. They are the largest remitter of excise tax in the nation and basically dominate the scene- canna-solvent suppliers all hiss and moan when they are brought up because there was a place for the canna green tax dudes. Buffers if you will… once greenfield decided to go straight to consumer 8ot became. game over situation

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Just buy your medias straight from the source no need to buy from small fry little guys repackaging chinese silica on f42k

Deltaadsorbents is a site

Have you reached out to Tarr in Portland? its who provides us all our solvents and they have great pricing. and delivery to Eugene Tuesday and Thursday.

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