Hydrocarbon Lab post processing equipment for sale

I have all the equipment for a hydrocarbon extraction and post processing lab for sale. The equipment is located in Northern California.

The post processing was focused around live resin and THCA diamonds and sauce so the following is the equipment used and now for sale:

Across International 7.5 cu ft vac oven w/ trays and trolly cart - $7,000
AT75a 7.5 Cu Ft Vacuum Oven_1

Across International 16 cu ft convection oven w/ trays - $9,000

Across International 1.9 cu ft Eco vac ovens w/ trays & inlet filters (x16) - $1020/oven
Ai ECO AT19e 1.9 Cu Ft Vacuum Oven_1

Edwards nXDS 10iC dry scroll vacuum pumps (x2) - $4,300/pump
Across international T40x cold trap - $3,100
Thermofisher Savant Cold Trap RVT5105 - $1,900
Hogentogler 12" SS sieves w/ pans & lids (2 pans, 1 lid, 5 sieves) - $400

I also have an assortment of Stainless KF25 bellows flex tubing for the ovens/vacs that I will include for a purchase of ovens/vacs