HVAC types and room design

So as most of you know I’m not in the usa and we don’t have consultants so everything has to be designed and installed in house which is a pain! So if and I say if you guys was designing a room which way would you go flowering rooms would be 2000 square ft each 600 sq ft mother room constructed like a walk in fridge height is 4 meters! Could one vrv hvac control both flowers rooms sizing ect I can work out it’s more ducting going to outside unit I’m weary of can not have any smell leak or do they run through refrigeration pipes like split units would be nice if is could be ducted to big air socks anyway hopefully some one can chime in any advice is appreciated I have been reading online just thought I’d ask hear and see peoples opinions! Thanks in advance

I like the idea of a vrv system, I don’t have any experience with one but it seems like if your environment is cold the heat recovery could drastically reduce your winter operating costs by pumping heat from lights on grow rooms into lights off ones.

I’m not sure what pricing looks like where you are but the main drawback of this type of system for me is the higher upfront cost compared to conventional split units.

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Vrf systems are the best way to condition large comercial buildings with multiple desired environments. The up front cost is usually 3-4x more than conventional systems. The energy savings puts the break even point closer than you would think.


We decided to go with vrv system!