HTF for -50C

Hello everyone!

I am looking for heat transfer fluid for our low-temp chillers for cryo-ethanol extraction. We are utilizing multiple Pinnacle Stainless systems with custom chillers. The chillers are compatible with Dynalene and the like, so I was looking at Dynalene HC-50 as a potential path. However, when looking at Dynalene’s website, I realized that HC-50 is capped close to it and was wondering if MV is a better-suited alternative?

Either way, I figured you guys would be able to assist me in the best path forward. Hopefully there are comparable products that would be cheaper as we are going to be needing 16-20 55G drums of it!

Thank you in advance!

PS - I know that PG isn’t recommended for these temps, but in my research it seems that a 70/30 PG/water mixture did pass the refractometer test on freezing point. Am I missing something?

We use dynalene HF-LO

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I can hook you up with some fairly high priced silicone fluid if your chiller elastomers allow for it

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Ethanol is kind of a sleeper option for this kind of thing, if elastomers/temps/etc are friendly to it. Doesn’t freeze, remains very fluid at -50C and is cheappp


Isopropyl often works as well


Ethanol and IPA wouldn’t work for us as the tanks aren’t sealed enough for it. Being that we are in Florida, evaporation with such alcohols would be too much, especially at our volumes.

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You never want to really use iso in these situations. FYI.
It fucks up almost every elastomer style seal.

From an equipment standpoint no one will warranty your chillers if you do that.

Pure non-denatured 200 proof is really all that’s admissible other than Methanol which I despise using unless really required for the application.

Was that intended to be “low priced”? If so, inquiring minds want to know the specs of this fluid.

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I used Syltherm in this situation. Not very cheap though.

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Lol that would cost him 50k in fluids :sweat_smile::rofl:

50k? Where are you getting syltherm drums for 3k?

No i meant high. Silicone fluids are crazy.