HPLC help wanted Long Beach CA

We are looking for help with an Agilent 1200 HPLC. We are looking for a consultant with actual hands on HPLC operation, preferably with experience in sample prep, methodology optimization, and SOP development in the cannabis industry, with a focus on cannabinoid identification, and potency. This is for internal QA only, not for providing public test results. Please reply and DM if interested, i will provide contact details for formal quote/bid submittal, thanks in advance for your time and interest.

DM sent

Several years of HPLC experience starting in the pharmaceutical industry. Have worked with Agilent, Waters, and Shimadzu instruments. Have developed analytical methods, ran validations for ISO 17025 labs, sample preparation, instrument install, software setup. Ran HPLC for extractors and cannabis testing labs. Would LOVE to help. I am in Norcal btw


@AlexSiegel may be a job for Dev…if he’s got the available bandwidth :man_shrugging:


Reply with details on the way