How to wash kief

Hey I searched and couldn’t find a difinitive answer. I have a bunch of kief to run and was wondering what would be best way to wash it.

-80 ethanol wash or hot wash.

Worried how to get full yield out of it.


General consensus is that it’s a bear.

I’ve done it small scale with hydrocarbon, and larger scale with cold ethanol. The ethanol wash filtered nice and fast, but only because I had 80 or so rejected prerolls set up as a filter bed. :slight_smile:

It still came out green, because it was pulled from our trimming machines and was more finely powdered plant material than actual kief.

If you’ve got good clean kief, extracting at rm temp or above should not be problematic. You’ll need to winterize, but I’m reasonably certain that you’ll end up happier.

Doing a couple of pilot extractions might make sense, because your kief is unlikely to be identical to anyone else’s as far as ratio of trichomes to unwanted plant matter, stickiness, or particle size

Saw a tip about using molsieves to keeping kief from clumping around here somewhere.

At a guess Search results for 'kief molsieve' - Future4200 should turn it up :slight_smile:


nope! and several other queries failed as well.
suggesting I might be hallucinating again :wink:

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I wash my kief at room temp using a paint mixing paddle bit stirring for a few minutes then into the panda centrifuge Through a 2 micron filter bag. It’s a slight tint green but a little carbon cleans it up after i winterize


Warm hexane, shaken and stirred through a 1 micron filter with the vacuum regulated gave me my best yields

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Hexane pulls a lot of ballast (fats & waxes).

Which without analytics looks like better yield.

Did you winterize your hexane wash before weighing it and calling it “best”?

Did that once and thought I had distilled a bunch of brown and yellow crayola crayons. filtration was fine, filtered through a 545 cake at room temp.