How to thin out my patties.

I have poured my patties to thick and the product is just fine but not very presentable. Any good tips on how to fix this

Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking - Smooth Stainless Steel Metal & Tapered Design Best for Fondant, Pie Crust, Cookie & Pastry Dough - Baker Roller by Ultra Cuisine this could help thin out a warm slab


It will agitate a d butter. Live and learn

If the material is tacky and sticky at room temp yes that is possible. With stable product I have no issues thinning it out when warm and allowing to cool to room temp back to shatter like consistency

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Heat and pressure has worked for me at least 20 times with no butter effect later. I use a piece of PVC because it’s always around. Some people use hair dryer/heat guns to get it warm enough to run down the parchment as you hold it somewhat upright but heating it that much got potential for degradation


Thanks everyone