How to stop terp fraction from crystallizing

So after I’m done with a batch of sauce and have my terp fraction separated, a lot of the times it ends up crashing out into micro crystals, sometimes it takes a few weeks sometimes it’s a few days. I’m recently been making distillate and using those terps for cutting/flavor, the microcrystals can make them look cloudy and also I lose a ton of my actual liquid fraction to be able to be added to a cart in the first place. What am I doing wrong?

you’re not crystallizing everything.
you can filter them out or modify solubility enough to drop them out.


Add more butane and put on dry ice for 24 -48 hr


Well the otss Tek as followed has one more step u may be missing.

Once you’ve reached desired seperation(after anywhere from 2wks to month according to several different things the time varies), then pour the terps into another jar sealing(about 2-3wks)them w some chunks from the diamonds on low heat for another couple weeks. Once ALL the rest of the THCa drop out then u should be left w pristine terps that don’t sugar.


Then purge the terps like usual?


I’d suggest vacuum with no heat(generally room temp) thatll allow your Terps to be nice and viscous


Viscous means thick. Common misconception I used to think it mean thin also


After crashing out thc and fats at dry ice temps for minimum 24 hr, pour liquid layer into a clean jar that is also pre chilled to dry ice temps. I actually like to pour into a measuring cup then the clean jar because I can get cleaner separation. Or I guess you can do your cold crash in the measuring cup!


I don’t cold crash. Could that be an issue?

Funny enough I just opened up the fridge and found a jar of terps from like 4-8 months ago. They did not crystallize at all. I wonder if once I finish purging the terps I can store them in the fridge without having to worry about crystals forming

The fridge slows it down once it’s out fridge, if has thcA in it will happen again

Correct answer, seal the terps w a few seeds for couple weeks then vac as usual

Unless your gonna remelt and cold crash I’d just seal it back up warm


What mtorr vac do you purge your terps at?