How To Spot A "Scammer" Fraud in Future4200

To be honest with everyone I have been in this Platform for ONLY two years now, and some of you might start to wonder what makes me think I’m an expert? First of all, I’m NO expert, I have just had the opportunity to know them, online trolls(scammers) up close and personal and to have seen them work for so long I think I can point out a few things that could be of help for those join this Wonderful place for the first time & for those who are yet to experience their first “Ripoff”
I do this not because it benefits me, but I believe that;

  1. It slowly destroys the reputation of this place and the people who are in it- trust me I have seen it happen before with Webehigh some might know it, others might not. Long story short it was a place just like this till they infested it with Africans who posed they had all this stuff to sell- at unimaginable low prices- one of the MANY tells you can spot a fraudulent member that I will share with you( don’t get me wrong low prices are good if they fit with the cost of production)
  2. There are REAL sellers, brokers & Consultants here, hard-working folks who just want to pay their bills and live a good life out of their sweat and you get this people who have nothing making $500-5000/week from ignorant people- you might say that’s no money till when you calculate it up over time and BOOM! Hundreds of thousands.
    So let’s get to uncovering some THIEFS shall we?
    First, you have to know must of the people who will steal your money are not based in the USA. Let me provide you with some numbers: 20% from the EU, 15% from Russia, 45% from both South Africa and Nigeria and the rest scattered across Africa from Cameroon, Ghana, etc.
    [FYI]: The feedback I get from this will give me a hint to continue or not. If it’s good feedback I will be releasing Every week 1 new means to spot them out(#RedFlags)
    *Redflag: #1: Whenever they signing and register they immediately run to every thread( some older than 2years) to say “ Do you still need this? Can sell it at a good price” mark that account go back to the main forum page he/she has left a string of post all about what they have, but never about what information they can share- cus they know nothing. They don’t have the patience to read basic forum policy “ DO NOT post if not verified”
    I want to share with you guys so much concerning(how to spot them) cus of this place I have had a chance to met amazing people Andy(Oklahoma) & Chris(OR) etc and learned so much. So I hold this forum close to my heart and I would fight to defend it as should every real & honest person here.

I think this is a great idea.

I just got scammed by @Saulp2494 and even met him locally. There were red flags, but you live and learn. Now I’m stuck wasting my valuable time trying to hold him accountable. All could have been avoided if dealing with reputable honest people.

So true. But that’s life, now you know better and I hope you see the need to push this post to the top. Let others who haven’t been scammed yet, notice the red flags