How to retrofit space for C1D2 requirements? To avoid extraction booth & set backs

Hi guys, utilizing a C1D1 extraction booth is not convenient for our space layout,
I’d like to retrofit the manufacturing area to C1D1 requirements, eliminating need for booth.

California Non-Volatile Ethanol Extraction Orange County.

Please advise.

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what type of walls/ceiling do you have in the space already, are they fire rated?

What is total SQFT and ceiling height to get volume of the space?

Do you understand whats involved in the electrical systems?

These are questions I would ask.

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Why are you going C1D1 if you are doing Non-Volatile Ethanol?


Drywall/Drop Ceiling, not fire rated. Demising walls are 1 hour rated.

Total square feet is about 3,000, height with drop ceiling about 8 feet.

Putting together equipment list at the moment with operator, have an idea on electrical.

I meant retrofit for C1D2 as mentioned in the title, I believe C1D2 is required for Ethanol Extraction without a booth, correct? Please advise.

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Exactly, in Cali ethanol is non volatile so there is no need for C1D1. I’m not sure what kind of space you have but and option is a 20’ C1D1 shipping container. This is the route we took for our temporary facility we went with a 40’ model though


Who did you buy the container from?

Jim Gill - 6785919292


I love @c1d1labs. In my experience, it is less expensive to get the whole pod in there than to piecemeal a DIY solution. You’re fire-marshal will be happier and you will be extracting sooner.


Exactly why we went with the container. Fire marshal looked at the plans and said buy this and your approved. Done.

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Yes I understand maybe the easier and less expensive route, though a container has its limitations as well.
We’d like to consider the slightly more difficult / expensive route of C1D2 the space, to open up layout options.

Any information to assist in evaluating the feasibility of retrofitting our manufacturing room would be much appreciated.

If your looking to “open up” I think the best way would be to move it completely outside, or am I missing something?

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Can someone just put a facility outside on a concrete floor? Kinda like a petroleum plant

We don’t have a Secured Yard to simply put it outside, need to retrofit our Industrial warehouse space.

That’s how I have our temporary facility we up. It’s next to out 5000sqft building that’s under construction. How about you place the container so that the two double doors open into your facility. Basically it’s adding an addition to the building. Unless a licensed engineering and architect get on the thread and hook you up with some plans I don’t think we can provide what you are looking for.


What did this container cost?

85k OTD


So you can work outside in California ? They approve what about just roof like a carport?

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Correct, you can have a temporary facility in Cali while you build your permanent. We are working inside of Containers not outside in the open air.


This layout will go on the concrete pad next to the steel buildings. We will bebe allowed to work here for 180 days then we have the option to ask for an extension if the permanent facility isn’t finished.