How to pour gas from a can into a tank

Hi, please help me good people :slight_smile:

I have ordered a 1 LBS closed loop system . I need extraction gas in the tank but In my country, I can only get extraction gas from a can, Colibri for example. My question is : How can I transfer gas from a can to a large tank ? Has anyone had such a problem?

There is no problems going from a can to a tank.

You gonna need a can tapper like the picture below. You will also have to remove the valve core on the can tapper


Tap the cans with a can tapper for like ac repair . It seems possibly you have never ran a CLS and if you are not familiar how to get gas in it then I would highly recommend doing quite a bit of reading here or get trained by someone who knows what they’re doing so you don’t hurt/kill yourself and or others. Happy Wednesday!


Chill your tank and your cans in dry ice until butane stops volatizing.
Open your cans with one of these, and pour into your tank via funnel.

No one actually do this please…