How to Make Distillate?

Hi I have a rotary evaporator and a short path distillation glass I was wondering what is the actual process of distilling hash oil? I have a cold trap and a 12 CFM two stage rotary vane as well as mantles and digital temp readers. So any tips?

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here are the basic steps

  1. winterize crude oil 10:1 ratio of etoh to crude.This remove the waxes.
  2. bleach/degum/carbon scrub (optional)
  3. short path distillation #1
  4. sailine scrub/silicate filtration(optional)
  5. short path distillation #2
    At this stage you should have a useable product.
    Do you know how to set up the glass and clamp everything?

Yes I do. I used to use it to remove the alcohol before I had a rotary evaporator. I have a triple cow head and 3 500ml flasks for collection and a 250ml flask for the evaporation.

What temps do I use? What is the standard amount of crude oil needed to dislike into an exceptional amount of distillate? What does the first pass thru the short path do before the second pass?


I’ve only been in the industry for a few months, but seem to be having some decent results running SPD…

Temps vary based on vacuum. But in general, you probably want to take a look at BreakingDabs Distillation Tek
I have never used @anon42519203 info as an actual SOP (although I’m sure following it to the letter would get you some pretty decent quality dist), but more of a guideline to see where I’m at. I’ve run close to 20 actual distillations, each slightly different from the last as I continue to hone in my processes.

The “standard” amount depends on your glassware. For ease of understanding when beginning, I’d stick to the general rule of 1/2 the volume of your boiling flask. If you have a 2L flask, put 1L of crude in. Depending on many variables, I tend to get about 55% of my weight back from crude as mid- 80% to low 90% THC, high 90% total cannabinoid content.

The difference between first pass and second pass is just another level of purification. If your parameters cannot be improved in any way, there is probably no need to run a second pass. For example, if your vacuum pump is unable to get your vacuum down to double digit microns, you are probably better off not running a second pass. You will probably just be converting a lot of CBN instead of pulling a tighter, cleaner body.


capacity all depends on how much crude your working with. How much do you plan to distill? a small batch may be 1000g.
people re distill distillate to improve color/smell.
tempatures will all depend on your vaccum source.


Can you bypass the Rotovap with regular distiller or a closed loop extractor running Xtane 73/30?