How to install a rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is an instrument and equipment for distillation and extraction under vacuum conditions in the scientific research and production processes of medicine, chemical, biological products and other industries.

This video shows how to install a rotary evaporator:

This video is provided by rotary evaporator manufacturer ZZKD.

Rotary evaporator is a common laboratory equipment consisting of: motor, distillation flask, heating pot, condenser and other parts.

  1. The rotating motor drives the evaporating flask containing the sample through the rotation of the motor;

  2. Evaporation tube. The evaporation tube has two functions. First, it plays the role of the sample rotating support shaft. Second, the sample is sucked out by the vacuum system through the evaporation tube;

  3. The vacuum system allows the rotary evaporator to be used under vacuum conditions.

  4. Heating pot, usually the sample is heated with water;

  5. Condensing tube, use double snake-shaped condensing or other condensing agents such as dry ice and acetone to condense samples;

  6. The condensed sample collection bottle, the sample enters the collection bottle after cooling.

  7. The mechanical or motor mechanical device is used to quickly lift the evaporating flask in the heating pot.

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