how to do back to back runs

I’m wondering how i most efficiently would do back-to-back runs curious how you guys are doing it hope to get some ideas. I have to two and a half pound columns on my extractor and both of them are de waxers.

Isolate your column from recovery vessel. Then add another recovery pump specifically to pump out remaining gasses in material column. This is how I do it . As soon as all liquid butane passes I isolate the column switch on next pump open valve . 2 min later it will be negative . Remove column after back filling nitrogen. Add new one or refill old one . Vacuum down and your ready to open the liquid valve again for next run. If there all different strain I work from the dankest strain down to the bunkers one . Works out if you got multiple shatter platters . I just switch platters and column and run next strain. While you clean bowl the next run will be done and you can switch platters again.


Both columns are de waxers? Or could they both be either dewax or material columns? On our machine, we converted the dewax column to a material column and run both material columns at the same time. When the liquid butane is in the still, we flip the columns and do back to back runs.

Or if you have the dough just buy a modular rack and keep adding tubes and hoses and buy a bunch of separate recovery tanks as you grow .

what does the nitrogen does the nitrogen do. could I just let air in.

Yea works the same

and just use an ignition proof pump to pull the vac

so I would remove solvent from colem let air back in remove old material put new material in and go again

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The easiest way to column swap is when you are finishing your first run, recover all of your butane (to a muffin) in your collection pot. Have your 2nd material column set up and set her off once you are done recovering. If you’re trying to make good shatter dont muffin your material inside the collection pot it might cause it to sugar.


For me the last 3-5 lbs of tane take the longest to recover so I only do it when it’s the last run for that batch. I run all the pacs into one collection chamber never finishing recovery till all packs are done. In a 6x4 splatter platter It can hold way over a lb of wax . Like over 2 so no need to keep removing splatter platter if same strain Imo. Also try not to remove hose when swapping column. Best to dissemble column on tri clamp part . Like for example on a 4in column have a 4in to 3in cap on both ends so at the 4 in part you can remove and install new column and can be very quick . I believe removing and re tighten hose can cause them to wear out really quick in my experience vs a clamp and 5$ gasket can be replaced quick


If your lazy though and have money again buy like 5-10 3x36 column each fits a lb of material. Then grab a 150l jacket chamber and route all hoses to there and all top hoses to a very large butane tank like 150lb of liquid one. All your problems will go away except you will be stuck for like 8 hours recovering all that gas but you essentially would have ran as much as that machine could have handled next upgrade would be get a separate machine to run next to it.

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This is practically me. Lazy with enough money…yeah i have 5 material columns for every extractor i own. I just switch out columns and clean the bunch later.


Haha the true life of running bho. When my helper comes work he knows he will need to empty columns. And be filling them. That’s why I love keeping the plastic caps the columns come with they help a ton


Lmao. How else would you fill them without the caps. I keep a box of extras around here and this isn’t all them. Lol. I tend to go overboard with my purchases when im all dabbed out in the middle of the night!