How safe is vacuuming a solvent tank?

I am running a nitrogen assist passive cls. I have been told by several individuals that it is safe to vac down my solvent tank while my solvent tank is still in dry ice, after Ive “emptied” it into the run, and after I have purged off the nitro in the solvent tank.

I did it. I didn’t die. Should I dance with the devil again?


Absolutely. If you just emptied the solvent out. And the tank was on dry ice for a while. What tiny bit of solvent won’t pose a problem. Do you have a carbon tank or SS with guages?

Also, if you’re using a rotary vane pump. Change your oil regularly. If you can, get a venturi pump, driven by an outside air compressor.


I appreciate it man. My butt was puckering lol. The solvent tank is SS with gauges. Thank you for the pump suggestions.


Those pumps are so bitching!

I would open up the valves to make sure no solvent is left in the tank I have done this and never experienced a problem. Without doing this recovering active somtimes won’t flow.

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Look at a temp/vapor pressure chart…or whatever they are called. When the gas is cold cold, you can pull down on it pretty good in a safe manner. I think I don’t usually pull past -10 with my shitty gear. Operating your system under vacuum is a game changer.

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I just got an explosion resistant pump to use for active recovery. Can I use the inlet as a vac pump on a tank with residual vapor?

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