How much to upcharge for concentrate packaging?


Obviously there’s a bunch of variables in here to factor in (local wage, rent, competition etc.) But what would you charge extra to take your concentrate to a finished packaged product for a client? I’d be doing a white label scenario. I’m toll processing for a 40-50% cut usually. They’ve asked for us to package for market.

I was thinking $0.50-$1/g (not inclusive of the packaging itself) for a labor premium plus equipment investment/amortization.

I estimate two employees should be able to handle 500 packages per hour (based on current cart filling and/or estimate for shatter packaging).

At $25/h (I want to pay well). This should end up with somewhere around $200-450/h going back into the business. I’m wanting to obviously upgrade the equipment to something more automated, so wanting to dump the capital back into more equipment.

I guess this is mostly competition and equipment dependant. But does that seem like a fair margin to charge? Does anyone have some solid numbers they’re currently using?

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What are you packaging?

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Distillate cartridges, also will be doing shatter/wax/concentrates into small jars.

I charge an extra 50 per oz to local dispensary to package shatter and no one has given me any guff about it.

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I’d be curious on medium scale. Want to stay competitive. I know margins will just be squeezed. Seems like my pricing is pretty nicely in line though.

Up charging 1 dollar for gram into jar and into retail packaging is what I have seen


A buck is what I would charge

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