How much MCT oil in a 30ml tincture bottle of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

Hello there, could anyone confirm the average amount of MCT oil per 30 ml tincture bottle with a 1000mg potency.

Thanks in advace!

29ml of mct approx at a guess. It will be a little less than that especially if its full spectrum

Depends on if you’re using oil or isolate. My suggestion is get a good large volumetric mixing flask. Add the required amount of weight for your dilution ( example 90% CBD oil would require 1.1g ) and bring the volume up to the amount needed. Making 500 jars? Put 550 g of 90% oil in your jar and dilute up to 500oz, not add 500 oz. Volumetric displacement will throw everything off if you just throw 500 in there.


That depends on your input potency.

If your “CBD” is at 500mg/g (50%). You’ll be adding on the order of 28ml MCT to two gram of extract. Given a density of about 0.96gm/ml (yours will be different) that’s pretty close to two ml.

Figure the math out and teach it to excel. Then all you need to do is enter the volume of tincture you want & the potency & density of your cannabinoid concentrate to get handed to correct numbers for formulation.


The entire bottle is 30ml, for a 1000mg potency bottle, it is saying that total extract per ml is 33.33 mg/ml. Total CBD per unit is 907mg. If i divide 907/30 it gives me 30.23 mg/ml of CBD. Where does the MCT come in? Thanks for your guidance, @RedundantAlexithymia

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Thank you, that makes sense

You’re using a weight and a volume. From my experience, 30ml of MCT is less than 30 grams. Youre looking at about 28 grams of MCT to your 1 gram of isolate.

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