How much crude CBD

I’ve used the search engine and most likely don’t know how to query very well.

Looking for average volumes or weight from one stage to the next. Meaning working backwards from 1kg of isolate, how many kg of distillate is needed, and to make that much distillate, how much winterized crude is needed. I know numbers and %s vary but on average what we looking at. I’ve been told that to make 1kg of isolate you need about 30lbs of 10% dry biomass. So how much crude is that and how much distillate.

Thanks in advance

work the numbers for that 30lb of 10% biomass you were given.
what do they mean?

30lb of 10% CBD = how many kg of theoretical yield?
assuming 95% purity, what would that weigh?
what would your overall efficiency be if your yield was 1kg of 95% CBD.

you’ll have to do some reading…but Search results for 'extraction efficiency' - Future4200 should pull up several versions of that math.

my guess is that aiming for ~70% efficiency from biomass => distillate is reasonable. based on other peoples numbers. it probably makes sense to wind that back a smidge for isolate, as you’re also going to loose some between distillate & isolate (assuming you go that route).

using @QGA’s number suggests ~50% efficiency end to end…and is also a number I’ve seen batted about here.

I also heard claims of 12% efficiency from rogue toll processors.

Most big reputable-ish ones I heard from tend to use a 60% target on an end to end basis if you’re talking about biomass to isolate.