How many cubic feet of vac oven space do you use?

Trying to estimate how many vac ovens I’m going to need for a new hydrocarbon lab. Anyone mind sharing approximately how much space you use to produce your approximate volume of BHO?

I’m currently looking at the 16 cu. ft. ovens from Across Intl. any reason I shouldn’t be?

Thanks in advance, feel free to DM me if you don’t want to post specific numbers, I’d appreciate any help at all.

I have a 1.9cu’. But i dont use it, it just collects dust now. It was only 400 more than the .9cu’, so why not.

I have one of those ovens with all the extra shelves, if you want a huge savings.

I actually use 8 1.9 ovens. One doesn’t even turn on and it’s just a storage oven. Five I use for shatter and purging slabs. One is a hot oven for crumble. And one warm for diamonds



I make a lot of shatter. We have 2ea 7.5cu ovens.

Your needs may be different, depending on what type of extract you’re making and what your purge time is.

We use one oven per 10/lb material processed. You could possibly fit more in each oven.

Hope this helps. I’m happy to answer any more questions.

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Is there a reason you don’t use it? I was wondering how well they performed against the 7.5, I would imagine they do just as well, but, I worried about how much of a struggle it would be for the pump to pull on that much material in a single oven.

What pump do you have, or plan to use? It had a 22cfm dry scroll on it. I ended up using that for my 1.9s.

It’s too big, I don’t have that much material to pour.

We’ll likely be making all the variants of BHO, so I’ll need at least 3 or 4 of them. Boss man wants me to aim high and expect that we’ll be pumping out pretty large quantities of product. Construction is about to begin, so we’re currently trying to estimate total power draw as well. I’m thinking something like 12 7.5s or 6 16s.


It’s all being purchased specifically for needs, so the pumps I get will likely depend on what size ovens we get. I was thinking Edwards RV3s if I get 7.5s.

If you are slightly interested in it, let me know. I can probably let go for 8 or so.