How long does approx. does it take to convert thc into cbn naturally?

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I have a question. If i have a cbd biomass with 0.4%thc sitting exposed to oxygen but no uv rays for 1 year, you think there is already 0.1% thc converted to cbn so i only got 0.3 thc left?

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How long you think it needs to be exposed to sunlight to get below .3?:thinking:

Extract with ethanol, loop through UV reactor at a nice slow flow rate. The UV reactor gets really warm, somyou need to be careful but a little extra heat won’t hurt either. You could also expose surface area to UV lamps if you are looking to do flower. But it’s much harder need to be preroll grind type shit.

It completely depends on whether the virgin you’re tossing into the volcano is a hard 10 or a soft 6