How large of batch for one COA

How large of batches of crude or distillate are you producers making before you perform a COA. I would assume that any batch that is collected before it is broken up into smaller containers could essentially only need one COA.

For example. If I have a 250 gallon tote of crude, would only one COA be needed before I break it up into whatever sizes my clients need.

I guess I’m asking what the industry standard is on COA’s. I would never collect a liter on its own, test it and assume the rest of the stuff coming out from my machines would have the same. Even if it was from the same batch of biomass processed the same day. We are wrinting our tracking SOP’s.

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This will depend on your governing body in your state. 50 is the magic number in Cali


I will have to look at our state. Did not know some states controlled that but its good to know there are standards forming out there. For the volume we are looking at that will be a lot of 55 gal drums.

While I have you looking would you looking is it better for storage to add nitrogen or pull vacuum on the drum or tote.


I’m not sure what you are trying to store?

Lets say I have 55 gal drum of crude waiting to be shipped. Would it be best to fill the excess space with a nitrogen blanket or pull all the air out. Since we have both capabilities at the facility I always want to make sure the product is protected from any type of spoilage or potential to spoil. I’m just OCD about protecting the product even if customer is taking possession next week. Protocols for everything.

Nitrogen is the way to go.

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If you want a good, representative COA I recommend homogenizing each barrel as 55 gallons is so much there’s likely different layers unless you mix

The high cost of COAs make me favor large batches.

Ideally you have in house analytics, and aren’t using the COAs in place of that.

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55 gal drum on a paint mixer type thing before samples are taken. That will do it.


Great question as I have wondered this myself. As far as I know there is no such requirement here in VA. as we are hemp only.

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But how can anyone trust a company’s own in house test? I sure wouldn’t. Calibration, cheating, not knowing how to use and maintain, etc…

Trust but verify. I don’t trust some of the third party labs I have used. I think they test samples with a bong.

SRI has lots of videos and documentation.

How much does a 55 gallon drum of crude sell for?