How important are keck clips for maintaining vac in SPD systems?

Looks to me like the clips are mostly about stabilizing the glassware and the vac is achieved through a proper seal via tape/grease on the glass joints.

Would a spring style clip aid in achieving and maintaining vac?

Imo they don’t do anything for vac - the glass joints seal themselves provided you sanitized and blown them dry with heatgun, greased them and married them together properly prior. It’s when you re-pressurize the system after/durring a run - this is where having your individual pieces secured properly is important and kek clips are used. Stainless for hot glass and plastic for room temp and cold :sunglasses:


100% accurate in my experiences as well! @y14 I would follow his guidelines there


@soxhlet in tricks of the trade
Reccomend using distillate to seal glass joints vs grease


Thanks again folks. I’m eager to get this system up and running and pumping out distillate.

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Several people have had the inconveniense of Distillate staying stuck in the cow a heat gun Will solve that but a plastic keck clip Wil melt when heat is applied so make sure that on the disstelate path all are metal😀

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Kick clips are a must, they don’t help vacuum but they save you thousands of dollars in case of a mishap.
Also you might think :thinking: they hold without the clip but the glassware is empty when you start process and the added weight makes them fall. You can never be too careful remember hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Only use stainless in my opinion, if you get stuck and plastic melts and glass is delicate.


Lab jacks and flask holders (cork rings, mason jar lids, rubber tubing wrapped on a cup’s lid) are a better safety net than a clip


Yeah I switched to mainly stainless clips. Glassware isn’t cheap so securing glass is important.

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You can still use those along side the clamps.

We have jacks and flask stands for all components and just ordered metal clips for all the joints.