How I make red oil

When I was first starting out I had no real gear to speak of. I wanted a smoother product so turned my efforts to red hash oil. Here are the basics:
Step One place in beaker

Step Two
Fill with rubbing alcohol at 70/30 iso/water and place on gentle heat

Step three
Continue gentle heat until water and alcohol begin to seperate. Oil will slowly turn red. Terpenes will be somewhat driven into the water layer.

I used a computer fan over gentle heat to help purge solvent.

Then into my vac chamber with gentle heat underneath for a long slow and low cook under vacuum for final purge. Decarboxylation happens as seen here looking down through the plexiglass vacuum chamber into the oil.

The final product has a sweet taste and is a delight to vape. It is not head high potent but is very relaxing. All waxes and such are retained and most terps are but the terps take on different flavors when cooked gently. Until I learned more refined techniques this was how I prepped the medicine.


Hello friend, very interesting post, I plan to do something similar to vaping, I have a rosin press, and good plant material, I can press matter to 75 degrees to have a buttery rosin or 100 celcius to have a more sticky texture. From there I try to find a juice to vape, mixing with peg 400 and pg, or I can also get mct oil or vg. I wanted to ask you what type of heater do you use? Is it a magnetic heater? Do you think I could do the same with my resources? I see that you use hash … could you specify the mix you make again? I do not understand? how much percentage of matter and the mixture of iso / water as it would be? Is iso the cereal alcohol? From already thank you very much!

The light benearh the flask provides the heat. It is a standard light bulb except it is a sealed beam 35 watt (max) unit meant for store displays. So it has a UV lens filter so items won’t bleach plus it has a dimmer which acts as a heat control.

The alcohol is isopropyl alcohol. Mixed with water it is often called rubbing alcohol. No specific ratio of starting crude to the solvent because it gets evaporated away as it heats up anyway which is the goal.

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ok I understand, then it is a 35 watt lamp with uv lens, it really would never have occurred to me … have you idea if I do it with a magnetic stirrer the temperatures and times so that the alcohol evaporates? or do you think it is not convenient?

You’ll have to experiment on your own stuff to know. It all differs and I only generally used shatter as a start.

Thank you! I will try and then I will discuss the results. What do you think is easier to dissolve a buttery or sticky texture?

How is this different than just decarbing the shatter. What is the iso/water bath providing if it just get heat purged away

The iso encourages seperations of gums and waxes. Here is the photo with lamp off. Two layers form. The bottom layer is aqueous and pours off easily when cooled but if you keep cooking it it will dissolve back into the oil. I left out several steps in fact but that is the idea. The iso provides a degree of purification and it also allows hydrolysis to occur on components vulnerable to it and this changes the nature of the flavor to a mellower tone.

Keep in mind that at the time my tech was… well… here is the seperation “funnel” I used for early seps… I will need a non disclosure agreement on this tech.

I have upgraded some tech since these photos. I ran out of ziplock bags…:flushed:


The photo without light on shows water on bottom layer. Do you bleed that off?

While a 1/2g jar of etoh and some trim garbage winterizing in the freezer, I noticeably the top top 3/4 of the jar was a deep purple, then fat layer, then trim on bottom. I’ve never seen the people before like this. Any ideas or thoughts?

I wish I had snapped a pic so it’s easier to discern.

I went on to filter thi buchner funnel, thru the distiller, I to vac oven, and scraped up into my crude pile.

Would you be willing to trade tech for some ultra rare pollen? I happen to have MTF pollen from 1974 on deck and I need something that will put me ahead of the game here.

Pollen from 1974? Is that viable?


Yes I’ve used it. It came from seeds. 2 seeds my uncle had in his drawer from back in the day. Popped em. One male one female. I have used the pollen on some super lemon haze. And the female is def legit. Dense nugs. Super powerful. Earthy/chocolate flavors. Incredible.

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What are you looking in exchange for some pollen?

Well I was hoping for some tech for red oil. Seems rare and in Alaska would make a niche real quick. It looks like the original poster passed away I’m sad for him :confused:

Matanuska!!! Always happy to see that name. Anyone remember snow goose??

Sounds familiar

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i have a plant i call it a hash plant been growing it
since 1982 from a seed. it makes red hash and red oil.

funny the tec you are kind of talking about was
in a dr. atomic comic book from the 1970’s