How do you make rosin high yield?

Temps? Pressure? What parchment (I.e. raw or oil slick)? What micron Filter? Bubble hash > Ground or Whole Flower? What is the optimal process of “solventless rosin”

@cyclopath I want to know thru forum again I will read the files you gave me via data dump when I am back to my desktop tomorrow but for now I want user based opinions not fact.

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it’s all about the moisture content.
you’re really doing steam distillation of your essential oil.

facts? ain’t no such thing as “can’t be scaled” :wink:

or maybe I’m getting those two confused again?



Well this is my oppinion…not a fact…but you squish it…and thats not a solvent…

(there were background screams…but bro terps are solvents!
Hey mannn dont forget the universal solvent water!!..)

Here is some info that isnt hot air!

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You can make rosin with hot air?

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indeed you can, like a vapeorizer with a condenser. yeilds/product suck though… Do you remember the direct sublimation of canabinoids from plant material thread?


Sift your hash before pressing