How do you make large THCa Crystals, THCa Recrystallization?


Is recrystalization the only way to get larger diamonds, or can you get larger diamonds from the start? what are your steps and process for recrytalization?


What’s ur idea of large? The otss Tek
Makes so large I can’t smoke a single WHOLE stone of the big ones…I’ve got few grammers before


haha isn’t that the truth. I went to dab my biggest from a run once and immediately regretted it when I saw how big of a puddle it melted into. Man I was almost tweaking off that dab and if I were to guess it was only a half gram rock. Anyone else notice the high off crystals is almost like the high you get off stuff that’s chopped early? Very racy, sativa like effects


Because straight thc(a) in that form, and even just plain distillate, is a “sativa” fast acting, short lasting head high. I like a tiny bit of sauce on mine, not too much thou.