How do you make a verification system like muhameds

Tryna learn how to make my own for my own cart brand

I’m pretty sure a string of characters is embedded in the QR code. They just check that the code is in the database and sends back a true or false. This is my assumption at least.


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Realistically @ObsidianSupply is the perfect suitor for this type of project as they have proof of concepts and active clients in the vape market presently.

It’s a database and a means to call upon the database to verify if it’s real, can also check to see things like if someone else already used it or expiring codes.

It’s truly up to your imagination and goals. Ask for Dana


If you’re not trying to pay someone to do it, a couple videos on PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript will have you there I think.


It’s a lot easier than that.

Here’s a free sop:

  1. Have a e-commerce website (WordPress/shopify)
  2. Go to Google and find your favorite “QR code generator” that can use URLs
  3. Make your inventory of products with individual skus / or for just lab results make a page /labs and create sub pages for different results (to use same qr code for lab results on printing)
    There is probably a mass qr code or auto qr code generator solution for wordpress woocommerce stores that may plug right in.
    For your idea to work they would have to be individual skus / IDs / qr codes per each item. You can have it run a check when someone outside or your hosted ip scans the code and validate it as real (checked x amount of times) if it’s been checked too many times that’s a red flag it’s being re-used and reprinted and you can just delete the product and break the qr code to a 404 PAGE edited to say “product no longer exists or has been claimed.”

Can set that stuff to self destruct and all kinds of stuff for a little extra skillra and the right hired programmer to make it do batch / chron jobs on schedules like after 3 scans send product to trash break qr code

You would also have to print each qr code individually for your goal, for something more badass using actual hardware I suggest @ObsidianSupply again.

Another idea is you can qr code the receipt on demand. So they can see the actual purchase date etc.




What’s up

Love the verification checks: sense of legitimacy for the custies & a way to track what dispos are killing it with your brand if you set it up right.

@SanitatemDime might be able to chime in as well with his experience.

QR code’s only work so well. As @moveweight said, you need the code to check to a database that checks if that code has been used before. It’s best to hire a programmer tell them what you need and have them build it out.

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Heres what we can offer:

Unique 2 Factor Authentication labels for your products & associated online services.

QR code for easy access to our online database.

Brand marketing (minimal/token)

unique public barcode for supply chain tracking and scanning at manufacturer (activation) and all downstream distribution points.

A second unique private code concealed by scratch off for end user claiming. Paired to the public code in our database.

Customer can choose to enter a pin/phrase at activation.

Subsequent ‘claims’ will show all codes and customer generated pin, adding to authenticity feel.

Once customer enters the private code, the matching public code is displayed so the customer can verify that he/she has an authenticated original product. The database will also offer links to associated batch/lot test data that you make available, supply chain visibility, as well as links to your website.

From a business admin perspective, you can view realtime dashboards and offer access to third party clients. We’ll even geotag form data to display on a map for downstream product tracking so you can verify the effectiveness of your distribution and marketing efforts.

Generally speaking this will be offered as labels on a roll for (semi)automated labeling. Sticker customization is available.

Minimum order 1000 authentication labels.


Nfc chip cards?
Program the writer to pull from a database, change status to “filled”/“ready”.
Then people can use their phones to scan the box and when the database gets read and verified, it changes status to “redeemed”
If its already been “redeemed” reply back with “u got boofed bruh”

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Issue is people resell legitimate products.

Can all be done is Excell very fast and organized.

QR codes are stupid imo. The people that actually look at them wouldn’t even realize a “fake” .wixsite database (something I’ve actually seen :sob:)


They’re not effective for product verification unless you have it backend to a database. wordpress product data can all be mass created in excel. I can’t speak for wix as proprietary websites are stupid to work solely on. QR Codes are Better for quick link to lab results or product information.

I use this tool for mass product creation using Google sheets and saving as .csv

I ask my customers to format all of their products and
data to this template and folder their images so I don’t waste time creating products (unless you have only a few)
Nfc idea in box isn’t bad. Scratch off codes aren’t bad.
I like obsidians proprietary idea where the actual vape battery recognizes the cartridge. Adds a layer of fancy to the customer base and exclusivity

I think a more analog style verification is better.

Changing the design every so often, small details that the copiers can’t get. All these codes and scannable items and anything can all be recreated and then allow someone to more easily believe it’s “real”


I can make them all virtual downloads that can only be downloaded once. So once revisited. No downloaded pdf of authenticity. It’s really up to owners imagination. Anything can be done.

I meant recreated with their own database.

you’ :dark_sunglasses:

You’d think that’s obvious but I actually watched someone scan one, went to, scanned authentic and they jumped in joy. Felt second hand embarrassment for whoever made the page.

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You’ll be able to embed our database on your site.

So when the customer scans the qr code it points to your site, you get the web traffic and the dwell time, but we handle the database on our end.

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Sounds like two very good options for hire. Please do pursue dirteagle or obsidian. I’m going to be taking a hiatus on computer work soon.