how do you deodorize everclear

Any tips? Sop’s? Can I use activated charcoal and d.e.?

Coal/coconut based AC is best for smells/taste

As in remediate the “terp-shine”, and get her back to just “shine”?

I thought AC was just for color, not taste.

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Hardwood based charcoal is good for color

I wonder if a high TP reflux still would separate the terps from etoh

AC, in my experience, when used in the boiling flask or made into a small puck (usually on top of another medium), it works well for color remediation. When used in larger quantities, it can pull terpenes and cannabinoids as well. The the grain size of the AC we use is less than 0.2um. It wants to catch a lot when used appropriately. Most (if not maybe all) distillers of vodka filter through charcoal, ensuring there is no smell or taste from what made it. @cyclopath knows more than I concerning AC (and most other things). Maybe he’ll chime in…

@GroovyOctopusLabs - We use hardwood AC and T5 bentonite, which behaves similarly to DE. If the pucks you make (assuming this is being done with a large buchner funnel or a custom built filter stack with triclamp fittings like I use) are thick enough, you will have reshined your shine. It will also pull any lingering cannabinoids or other solubles along with it. Downside: that thick puck will take forever to push through (and even longer to pull through).

Another option is to redistill and catch the heads and tails. Those nasty monoterpenes tend to linger in one, the other, or both. Figuring out where each fraction lies is a bit tricky, as there is no real indication as to when one stops and the other begins. The hardest part is figuring out when the tail fraction starts, because if the start is missed, one will have polluted the terpene-free liquor and have to start over. If you miss the end of the head you only lose a bit more alcohol.


I’ll look into T5 bentonite. I use my closed loop extractor as a stainless filter. I usually always pull at 5microns. I currently use Harris food grade D.E. and Belle Labs Coconut Derived(food grade) A.C.

It takes forever to filter, fucking worth it though.

@all so from what I gather is wash 4L of Everclear with activated charcol, filter on top of a media and it should remove the smell of corn from the Everclear.

I have a 5 liter boilingflask with a 80 cm vigreax distilling 24 /7 Some how the terps never make iT to the top yet the etho does after 40 liters i dump the etho terp rich left over Amd start fresh

I have a 25gal jacketed stainless steel boiler powered by 1700 and 4500w immersion heaters in thermal transfer oil- this is powering a 3X48” column packed with a mix of cracked auto glass and random copper wire twisted up with a power drill and chipped up copper fittings- there is a 3-2” reducer that connects to a 2x18” boka still head and I recover 95% etoh at a rate of 2gph- I could push it faster but no need.

If there are hints of flavor I reflux with activated charcoal and redistill after filtering thru celite.