How do I remove all of these bubbles?

So I took this distillate and mixed in 5% by weight of terpenes. Let it cool and vac sealed it. Looked normal sealed up last night. Today when I took it out of the fridge it looked like this with a million tiny bubbles.

I pulled down to about 9 torr to seal the jar. Is that too much vacuum? Did the terpenes cold boil under vac? I’ve never seen anything this bad. To remedy should I just heat to remove bubbles and pull with a smaller vac pressure to seal jar?

use a blanket gas in the headspace not vacuum if you mix in terpenes. some will boil off under vacuum at room temp


What brand of Terps


Ah damn. You think I can get the bubbles out with heat? Any better ways to deal with this?

ya youre gonna have to heat it back up but youll lose some terps. if you do it again use some of this to store it.


Is there a better way than just spraying it into the jar and sealing the lid as quick as possible?

maybe but im a pretty small op it seems to work for me. i also use vacuum and dont mix terps until im ready to fill carts


This method isn’t very much better than spraying it into jars then sealing it quick as possible but you can vacuum out a dessicator (or any vacuum vessel like a vac oven), seal it, and then backfill/purge it with your gas of choice. You can pick argon over nitrogen if you’re really that concerned about your capping speed, it settles rather than floats. I’ve only done this on oligos so idk good luck.

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Trick of the trade !!! :+1: nice

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You could just put the whole jar into a spool and pressurize the spool. The increased pressure will force the air bubbles to rise tp the top of the extract and pop.


Just warm it. Bubbles will float up. If you have a crock pot that works best for water bath. I wouldn’t but it on a heat plate or use a heat gun.


Warm it until it has a nice loose viscosity, set it submerged at disty-height in an ultrasonic bath for a half hour. Evacuate the room so your brain doesn’t homogenize into ultrasonic mush and you should be bubble free when you return.


If the intended purpose is to fill vapes then just leave it as is. When you warm it up at that time to fill vapes the bubbles will dissipate or rise to the top then. Don’t need to do anything extra here I don’t think