How did the thread Graywolf started that someone kept changing the title disappear?

I even checked the echo chamber. Original title was: What do we now want

tenor (15)

It was probably unlisted.

I made a post about this also…

Shady acres here at d4200

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“what do we want” or something was the original title?


I just searched grey wolfs latest posts, nothing from that thread. Shits gone…

Yeah it’s probably unlisted. If you had the actual full url you could still type it in and see the thread but you won’t be able to use the search bar or post history.

Guys, please stop making threads, we are now at 9 threads for one topic!!!


There are 7 other threads about this besides mine and baked all day?

Spdking thread, the first graywolf thread, the second graywolf thread, the something fishy thread, and more that will come to mind later

Not true. Read the title. This thread is about a thread disappearing. I have never seen this here. Have you?

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Yes that’s the thread. I wanna know who has the power to totally unlist or remove an entire thread? Also why was it done?

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Its supposed to only be sidco

My thread was only about the other thread being deleted.

Wanted a place to discuss what happened and not clutter up the other 8 threads you mentioned.

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If he hasn’t been here in a month it wasn’t him.
Oh @Graywolf oh @Graywolf where are thou @Graywolf ?
Where did your thread go? Do you have the special powers? If so how did you get said powers?

Future was seen 2 hours ago…

@Graywolf is a regular. I REALLY doubt he is the one nuking threads


Only 1 thread has ever disappeared from this place that I am aware of.
I am not talking about getting them closed. They are deleted. This is proof it was deleted and not just unlisted as you can see the URL and it does not lead to that page

graywolf future4200 what do we want - Google Search

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What’s up @sidco and @Future? what gives?

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The amount of post flagging, locked threads, etc happening on future is pretty fucking pathetic.

Think the admins need to fix their shit, especially since they’re fielding for donations in another thread.