How cold is cold enough? (BHO)

-40 works

-60 works better

-80 I started noticing yield loss



I’ve always figured that -30 to -60 is ideal and that you’re not seeing anything that significant at -80.

Then again having a seperate dewaxing column from your material column you’ll most likely end up trying to put a dry ice and isopropyl slurry in the sleeve so… :man_shrugging:t2: Maybe -40 to extract -78ish to help remove fats and lipids.

-78 on the outside doesn’t mean it’s that cold inside.

That’s why some folks use those temp probes. So they can see actual internal temps of solvent and material.


Why not just run room temp and then put the yield back into solution and winterize ? Big difference in end product ?/

Maybe cause it’s so cold your not collecting any fats?

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This isn’t a thing. Fats are always there.



100% agreed. Just trying to reduce the amount of them you’ll pick up.


Ok. But can we agree that we can extract less fats running colder? I guess I should have been more clear.

Reminds me of this dude who ran some material himself, ran it without getting his solvent or material cold. Dude was stoked that he got a I believe was a 20 something percent return. Well, he had no idea about winterizing and when I filtered his material and finished it his return was a bit less than half of what he originally pulled.


Let me put it this way, if your end goal is to create the best hydrocarbon extract you can—anything below -40C is a great start. Between -60 and -90, my opinion is that it gets weird—you have to stall long enough to get a decent yield and with every degree you go down, you have to hold a little bit longer and a little bit longer.

And the shitty part is that the longer you hold the more fats you pull.

Residence time, temperature and yield all gotta be balanced


Great response, I 100% agree with you.

Hope you get your glg badge soon man. Your one of the members on this sight I truly respect.


Ideally you could hold hundreds of solvent per booth and each run sat for 4 hours in a dewax chamber at -40 then filtered.

That’s a lot of dewax chambers and stuff that needs to be chilled but that’s the way of the wax less ninja

:rofl: yep…
Story from many growers last extractor they had


If your losing half your yield your tech is off. If you run cold , youd lose at most probably between 2-5% mass. I lose 2.2-3.1% with full remediation + defatting. If you run warm and do it in the latter. You shouldnt lose more then 5-10% max. The difference between warm and cold is relatively 2-3% !

Speaking of that, do we have a standard for what’s acceptable?

If you ask me, 2% should maybe be “average.”

You dont want to stall or youll have seperation issues where your thca will bind to your fats. The key is speed technique and remedation after extracting for a perfect product any other way comes with issues. I like one and done and perfect not trial error and redoing !

youd have to have either the same material or do testing each time. I used lustermax last time and it flowed fine. I think some of the older mixes may have had more issues with flow. ive used w1 media bros and lustermax and not had flow issues. I run cold on input aand the material is chilled but i know it warms fast, thats why these hydrocarbons are used as refrigerant.

Killa explained a dewaxing column like this: It’s a fat and lipid reducing column not a column that eliminates fats and lipids.

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What’s up doc ?
So I decided to continue to build
“Armageddon “ project I stalled for a while a cls made up off
Liquid co2 dewars 480 L with vacuum jackets as biomass holding vessels to Wich 6” clams are welded
And the biomass is sucked out by a atex hoover
What’s your recomended strategy
Cold or with the pressure tech


@Zack_illuminated you my friend are a briljant mind damn have not been doing much on bho for a while
But this is by far the biggest step in bho extraction in the last decade
Now that I am finnaly grasping the tech
The rig I have is rated to 300 psi
Wonder if it s still safe to try this out
Think I ll oversized the prv s and give it a whirl
Flash condensation mighty interesting concept


I appreciate the kind words @roguelab. It is our goal to solve industry wide problems at scale. Just wait to see what is to come! :wink: