Hot Distillate Remediation

Hi everyone,

I was curious what the market was like for remediating hot Distillate? The company I work for has developed an efficient system for remediation, and was just curious if this was scalable.

Thank y’all

Not sure, all processes change slightly when scaled up. Are you bench scale, or pilot plant scale right now?

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Our process is being used right now in Montana. I might have worded my question wrong, I was wondering if there is a large market need for remediation. For example would it be hard to get my hands on 150Kg a day of hot distillate in California? @Soxhlet . Sorry if my terminology isn’t great.

Yeah, remediation is a part of the industry. If you are a legally operating facility you could build a relationship with some of the large processors for toll service. Thats done pretty regularly.

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What method?

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Hell yes NY state is in real need and so are many others if you can have it up and running this fall you should be having a jump start :ok_hand:
Also wonder what tech ?

Sounds like intellectual property.

Never hurts to ask

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@Champone @Roguelab @ScoobyDoobie @Soxhlet Thank y’all for your replies / information. It is IP and unforunately cannot talk about it what so ever. We just got our seed round of capital, so we are still a couple months out.

What would you charge per liter?

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Great market needs folks like you
And the fact that remediation by other means than chroma makes the hunt more fun
I wish you well and give it your all to make this fall operational

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I don’t think we are going to be tolling if we can help it, we are looking to just buy hot distillate. We had our projections set at 3500 but obviously will like to get it less than that. Would appreciate any knowledge on the price of hot distillate by kilo or liter.

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Appreciate it Roguelab hopefully we can put cap to use and be ready for fall.

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3500 per l for this upcoming harvest?

For this harvest, or anything left on the shelfs. Assuming someone has to have something left on the shelf, right?

I think the price you’re looking at is more for this upcoming harvest we can definitely help you out

How hot are you looking for? 2-3% is common for distillate anyway. That being said I have seen and heard of crude that is in double digits. Hard to market anything that hot. Forumlating down a 2-3% distillate for topicals is doable but double digits isn’t so easy.

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I don’t think we are looking at crude at the moment, I think that would be a future play for us. Also, we would be looking at all Hot D. Thinking that the more THC content the less we would pay per K or L.

$3500 may be pretty low, most of the transactions I see are in the $4k-$5k range. That being said, those who have real hot distillate might have a thinner market so they may be willing to go that low.

Assuming market rate of T-Free Distillate is 8k (could be wrong about this). Still not a bad spread.