Honey Cut/Clear Cut Ingredient Update


That’s the reason dhgate sells the bs packaging, and ppl use those packages to help sell their garbage.

No booth here
No dispo exposure

Only word of mouth!


The first thing I tell anyone interested in buying cartridges from anyone is to look on dhgate. If you can find it on dhgate 90% the cart you have is not from a licensed dispensary. Next even if the guy selling them says they are you real go to bubble check, if it moves pretty much at all it’s probably cut, and price, anything bought from a legal dispensary and sold on the black market is going to run 60-120, cheaper than that it originated on the black market.

Once they’ve determined it’s likely a black market cart it doesn’t mean you can’t smoke it, it just means you better know and trust the guy whose actually making them. Oh, and hope he is trusting the right people he gets his materials from.


Ya its gonna be a challenge i havent made any disty under 88% thc in a long time usually mid 90’s The prices ive seen is crazy, about to disrupt that whole thing.

Ya there’s no reason to cut, unless theres a % you cant go over. Im the same as you i can off mine cheaper than the guys who are cutting 25%+ and using knockoffs. Had alot of people mad that it was only distilate and 5-7% terps and cheaper than there garbage.


Truth, still people some act like you’re fucking them in the ass for $10

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I agree

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Liters of this are now at $300

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But I can buy a liter of vitamin e acetate for less than half that???


Looking more and more like that is the issue with the widespread lung issues with the carts. Time will tell and I hope your not thinking about using that!

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So we have now fast forwarded 2 weeks.

You have that harmless ingredient list?


What’s your instagram?

We are here to discuss and openly talk about Cutting Products. reach out if anyone wants to know more.

Why not openly talk right here? I think starting with an ingredient list would be beneficial for the members to insure your not potentially poisoning their clients


Same as my handle here.

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Full ingredient list public.


Ingredients should be disclosed. Anyone who is selling a cutting agent for cannabis oils are automatically labeled suspect. Without any public disclosure with what is in any one of these companies diluent, I personally feel this type of business practice is not only shady, but should be criminal with the amount of people that these companies are putting at risk.

Fact is via proper formulation you can create legal broad spectrum pens that wont crystallize.

Cutting agents will only hurt the integrity in ones product. If you are gonna use one, be willing to list it in the ingredients.

Just because something is organic or is derived from the plant, don’t mean its safe to consume or vaporize. Terpenes are not to be vaporized in excessive concentrations and yet the industry has heavily pushed fake terpene profiles consisting of few individual terpenes which then result in unsafe/unnatural levels when someone puts 30% into a pen.


@Killa12345 he have discussed this.
@dabbinyeti We have explained many times here our Product is oils isolated from Hemp Oil.
Our Ingredient is Hemp Oils for out Hemp CuTT EX
and for Hemp CuTT there is less then 10% of terpenes with the hemp oils.
If you believe vaping CBD or THC Dist. is safe then our product is the exact same minus the CBD & THC.

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uber thick has been removed from Floraplex website


Well that’s a red flag.


yes it seems their IG is gone too


a new one was made 7 days ago