Homogenization: Uniform Cannabinoid Potency in Solutions


Understood on the low viscosity and immediate cleaning. We are making 1-2l batch sizes at this time, but will be going bigger in the near future. Nothing exceeding 20l.

Does the X1740 come stock with the G40 (V) Generator shaft? Or are they separate components?


Hi there,

Generally manufacturers of tabletop stator-rotor type homogenizers will list the viscosity ranges that are acceptable for the unit. Generally, with heat, you’re likely to meet those requirements, but it will require more PPE and more carefully crafted SOPs because it can get dangerous with hot gelatin.

As a side note I just wanted to add that the homogenization occurs in the space between the stator and rotor, the small gap and high velocity of the rotor verses the static stator allows for a generation of high sheer-stress that basically rips larger molecular conglomerates into smaller fractions.

If anyone has questions, I’m very familiar with using these in the biotech industry.

There are also much higher throughout homogenizers that aren’t handheld.