Home use Freeze Dryer 6-8kg,Jacketed Reactor, 50L rotary evaporator in Spain warehouse

Hi Please see followed. these machines are in Spain.

10LB BHO, 100L jacketed reactor , 35 LB/batch Centrigufe, 50L rotovap, 2L/H spray dryer, -80℃ cooling chiller and so on.

It’s very convenient for shipping to your door or pick up.

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Email: Sales001@gzfanbolun.com
WhatsApp:+86 13253377669

|Vacuum drying oven||Vacuum drying oven ( Five sides heating, LED light, 4 shelves)|DZF-6020|220V/50Hz|
|||Vacuum drying oven |DZF-6090||
(Manual lifting)||1L/2L Rotary Evaporator|RE-201D|220V/50Hz|
|||5L Rotary Evaporator|RE-501|220V/50Hz|
|||10L Rotary Evaporator|RE-1002|220V/50Hz|
|||RE-2002 20L Rotary Evaporator|RE-2002|220V/50Hz|
|||RE-5002 50L Rotary Evaporator|RE-5002|220V/50Hz|
(Auto lifting)|22|R-1020 20L Rotary Evaporator|R-1020|220V/50Hz|
|||R-1050 50L Rotary Evaporator|R-1050|220V/50Hz|
(Auto lifting)||EXR-1050 50L Rotary Evaporator|EXR-1050|220V/50Hz|
|||D-R-1050 50L Rotary Evaporator
Dual condenser (main&vice) Dual receiving flask|D-R-1050|220V/50Hz|
Chiller||DLSB-5/10 Cooling Chiller|DLSB-5L/-10° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-5/30 Cooling Chiller|DLSB-5L/-30° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-10/10 Cooling Chiller|DLSB-10L/-10° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-10/40 Cooling Chiller|DLSB-10L/-40° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-20/30 Cooling chiller|DLSB-20L/-30° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-30/30 Cooling chiller|DLSB-30L/-30° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-50/30 Cooling chiller|DLSB-50L/-30° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-50/40 Cooling chiller|DLSB-50L/-40° C|220V/50Hz|
|||DLSB-50/60 Cooling Chiller|DLSB-50L/-60° C|220V/50Hz|
Glass Reactor||S-5L Jacketed glass reactor|S-5L|220V/50Hz|
|||S-10L Jacketed glass reactor|S-10L|220V/50Hz|
|||S-20L Jacketed glass reactor|S-20L|220V/50Hz|
|||S-30L Jacketed glass reactor|S-30L|220V/50Hz|
|||S-50L Jacketed glass reactor|S-50L|220V/50Hz|
|||S-100L Jacketed glass reactor|S-100L|220V/50Hz|
|Crystallization Reactor||Crystallization Reactor|FY-50/20|220V/50Hz|
|Crystallization Reactor||Crystallization Reactor|FY-100/50|220V/50Hz|
-30℃~200℃|GDX 50/30|220V/50Hz|
-40℃~200℃|GDX 50/40|220V/50Hz|
|Single Layer
Glass Reactor||F-30L Single Layer Glass Reactor|F-30L|220V/50Hz|
|Short Path||SPD Short Path Distillation Kit|SPD-2L|220V/50Hz|
|||Double condenser SPD Short Path Distillation Kit with Pirani Vacuum Gauge|D-SPD-20L|220V/50Hz|
|Heater||Circulating heating oil bath|GYY-5L|220V/50Hz|
|Circulating water vacuum pump||SHZ-C Circulating water vacuum pump|SHZ-C|220V/50Hz|
|||SHZ-D(III) Circulating water vacuum pump|SHZ-D(III)|220V/50Hz|
|Vacuum Filter||50L Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter|ZF-50L|/|
|Microwave Chemical Reactor||Microwave Chemical Reactor (Heating function)|WBFY-201|220V/50Hz|
|||Microwave Chemical Reactor (Heating function + Magnetic stirring function + adjustable frequency)|WBFY-205|220V/50Hz|
|Rotary Vane
Vacuum Pump||2XZ-2 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump|2XZ-2|220V/50Hz|
|||2XZ-4 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump|2XZ-4|220V/50Hz|
|Spray Dryer||Spray dryer 2L|SD-2L-SS304|220V/50Hz|
|Freeze Dryer||Lab Freeze Dryer| FBL-10N-60A|220V/50Hz|
|Freeze Dryer||Freeze Dryer FD-04H|FD-04H|220V/50Hz|
|Centrifuge||PPTD-50 Centrifuge (30 lbs/batch)|PPTD-50|220V/50Hz|
|BHO/ Closed loop extractor||1LB|N/A|N/A|
1. The price includes import taxes and sea freight from China. |||||

Hi can you send me email on the freeze drier n photos. Ty

Hi Sir no problem
This is Crystal.
Is the model Home usage you need?
I shall send you more details on Monday, since it’s weekends now, hope it’s OK.