Hiring in Los Angeles

Looking to hire a few new people for a lab in Los Angeles. Lab manager, lab techs, experience in pre prep and distillation. Butane crude extraction, plenty of room to grow top of the line equipment. Lots of training and learning as well.


send me a pm mang

Hello i would like to get my foot in the door with a lab I only have bho experience.i run a small 4 ponder I know about crc suger wax ect.im on hands on person I would start at any level looking for a hand up not a hand out. Thanks for your time p.s I would like to learn more.

I’m interested and very qualified. Wide range of knowledge about lab procedures and different methods.

Please email lakers4life33@icloud.com

I can send you my portfolio of techs. If you choose one i charge a 1500$ head hunting fee for my service of providing a collection talent. Let me know if that’s something you’d want to do

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I am a Los Angeles resident who loves cannabis and has a good understanding at ethanol extraction. I would love to be apart of and learn with you and your team.

I can send my contact info to whomever. I don’t have a bunch of experience in a lab, but I do have love for cannabis and a great work ethic. Cannabis saved my life as I had stage 3 lymphoma twice. The second time I used cannabis oil and a diet with success. If you would consider me, I promise I would be an asset with my drive and passion alone. I hope you have a great day and thanks for your time.


Give me a ring 424-603-8080

Could you send pm if still available?

Butane Crude Extraction in a county that banned type 7 Licensing? Sounds legit.


I will do. I just saw this reply.

Good thing we are in Long Beach lol thanks for your 2 sense though

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