Highly experienced extractor seeking employment

I have been running closed loop systems for around 5 years now and owned and operated a successful extract company. Very experienced in live resin consistencies especially large thc-a diamonds, as well as shatter and wax consistencies, also ran a very large output crude oil machine. Looking for work in northern California area but possibly willing to relocate.

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Still looking?

Yes I am where are you located?

Grand Junction Colorado :slight_smile:

When is the start date? And other info such as salary, benefits and such? You could direct message me that info if you’d like

Do you have any resume to show? An Instagram where you have your past work shown? What company did you work for in the past?

Yes I have a resume and Instagram @truegoldlabs

I owned and operated true gold labs

Immediately we are up and running this week

If you are still looking email info@elevatedco.us we are based in Orange County, California

Haha I used to live there 3 years ago! Still have the county ban on dispensary’s??

Lol yes unfortunately.

Still looking for work

Send a resume to us at friendly brittney@friendlyfarmsca.com