Highest thc percentage possible in live rosin

what is the highest thc percentage possible in live rosin or live rosin carts i googled it and coulding find anything on it.

Live implies that care was taken to preserve the terps. So anything in the 90s of % thc kind of defeats that purpose.

Im totally fine with 70% thc when im buying live products.


My personal record from over 100 test results of live rosin is 87% total cannabinoid, 10% terpenes!


To answer this long but short handed. Yes you can make a completely solventless thca, which could come from a live product, which then within this process you can reintroduce the terpenes you had hopefully preserved to formulate with your high % solventless isolated cannabinoid. I mean really you can hit anywhere from low 70’s to 90’s just depends on how well you can process & formulate.

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Last few rounds I’ve sent off have been 69%-72%