Highest Quality cGMP Extracts from Laurelcrest- CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV, D8, D9, THCA, HHC, etc

Trusted manufacturer and supplier of hemp derived Isolates (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV, etc.), Distillates (Full Spec, Broad Spec, CRD, Free flowing THCV, etc), and Alt. Cannabinoids (THCA, D8, D9, HHC, THCP, etc.)

Laurelcrest is a cGMP certified, FDA registered manufacturer and distributor based in Oregon. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. All extracts undergo internal and third party testing to ensure you are getting what you are pay for. No bait and switch, no shenanigans.

DM or email Jake@Laurelcrest.com for pricing and availability!


And the documentation was enough to get me through CRA inspection in Michigan. And through my most recent beverage inspection by the ISO Process Authority. :smiley:

So timely and responsive as well. <3


We appreciate the message and kind words Cassin!

Just want to say how highly we speak of @LaurelCrestLabs l.

Best crd in town :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!

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Looking for non-converted thcv and hemp thca isolate, please send pricing for 100g and 1kg packs, will need 100g of each to formulate and launch SKUs

DM Sent!

Impressive production facility.

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Appreciate that @moronnabis. We are extremely proud of what we’ve built, and welcome any of you guys to come take a tour and see how we operate!

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Man that’s a cool offer! If I was anywhere close to Oregon I’d jump at the opportunity to see the machines etc y’all use to make THCa isolate/etc

I’m just a mmj user not a business or anything but id find that stuff fascinating as hell, I’d spend days there learning the basics lol

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A bit “left field” in the photo-OPs department ???

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Whats your price on 10kg of HHC?

DM’d you