high-risk merchant processing for CBD

Hey there! I’m in the process of researching merchant processors and web hosting services. Just wondering if anyone around here has any recommendations! Thanks.

get verifyed as a seller, un verifyed sellers wont be allowed to advertize here. Contact @Future for verification.




Apparently Woocommerce is friendly

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Wordpress site with woocommerce and T1 Payments as your processor and merchant is the ticket to CBD online sale


I’m still working on it. But I was able to get my vape merchant service going easily.

I cant stress this enough i did a ton of research and have spent many sleepless nights getting together with these guys and figuring out that they work well together. T1 Payments sets the standard for long running credit processing for all things CBD. I’m confident that they will not stop service b.c. of you selling CBD. They are even on paper legally allowed to deal in CBD so you never have to worry about pretending to be a health foods company or anything like that. Tell them your in CBD, advertise your CBD, and successfully sell your CBD. All day long. This has been a well kept secret until now and it would be a disservice to your self not to give them a shout and talk to them. Seriously guys this is the golden ticket. Obviously they have fees etc. but they are about the same as any other processor and merchant and there is a great peace of mind there being able to be honest with them about what you do. I use them for a reason here folks.


I hit up T1 on Monday and haven’t heard back :pensive:

Did you try calling them? i had really good luck with that. They were super helpfull

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What about hosting, is there any web hosting companies that are more friendly with CBD?

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