High Quality Compliant d8-THCO - $700/kg

I have quite a bit of high quality THCO on hand, and the ability to make quite a bit more.

The material is an odorless, non-viscous liquid which ranges from water clear to highly translucent light yellow. Price is $800/kg for all quantities, larger orders (10+ kg) may require us to run additional batches depending on inventory at the time of inquiry. The product is consistently ND for d9-THC and trace d8-THC (0.1-0.2% d8-THC).

Peep some of the pictures and COAs below, the method is highly reproduceable and the BOP can be purchased if anyone so desires.



What kind of shelf life have you been seeing with the distillate? I made some a while back and sealed the receiving flask under Ar, and last time I checked it, it REEEKED of vinegar.

I haven’t had an issue with shelf life. I store under argon, dark and when I can in a fridge/freezer. If I had to guess, your problem has to do with water content which will cleave your acetyl group off if you leave it hanging around.


Okay that makes sense. When that happens, does it cause optical striations in the distillate similar to having residual solvent? Because it was very nice and clear with minimal smell before.

Edit: also meant to say, that is a fantastic price for THC-O. There’s definitely a lot of work involved when starting from CBD isolate.

Edit: I just noticed that your bottles have striations too! What’s up with that? Is that just how THC-O looks?

Nice watermark on the COA, can’t erase that like a QR code


the red lettering would be the only really difficult part. the rest of the pattern would be trivial to remove, mainly because its monochromatic

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I’ve had some jabronies rip off my HHC COAs and pictures on facebook marketplace haha.

@TXisbest by all means, if anyone wants to rip off my COAs instead of achieving entry level chemical proficiency is fine by me. Their prize will be mediocrity! Seriously though, I didn’t put much/any real consideration into the watermark - its just a bare minimum attempt to dissuade people from ripping it off. Akin to security cameras that aren’t hooked up.


I don’t think the striations have anything to do with solvent or water. I just think its swirling of the material when filling the bottles. When we pour it into the jars from a round bottom flask different parts of the round bottom are different temperatures or perhaps nominally different compositions depending on what temperature they were distilled over at during the distillation itself. If we took the time to reach in there and homogenize it completely, there wouldn’t be striations and striations certainly don’t appear over time - they appear directly as a result of swirling when we fill the bottles.


fair enough. It would still be a royal pain in the ass to remove the red part

Okay, that makes sense completely. Don’t want you to think I was insinuating any issues with your product, it definitely looks pretty wild! Nice color as well. Did you use SPD or WFE?


This was all distilled via short path.


Can attest to the product, we’ve bought 30+ and all clients are ecstatic with the quality. highly recommend

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Whats the brand of sealing tape you’re using on the jars?

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I think it’s just generic electrical tape. We switched from black tape to green because it looks a little more like the chemicals you might typically order and it looks a little nicer.

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buuump, still have 10-15kg in hand. Make me an offer I cant refuse.

Is it possible to send this product to Japan?
I really want to buy it.

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I sent you a DM.

Very interested in this! Sent you a DM

hello do you know if you can send me to Europe


Hmu we’re looking for a new d8 supplier for our pens and in store branded products