High pressure clamp

has anyone ever used a custom high pressure clamp around 15 inches? im trying to find some max psi specs/ info on them cant seem to find anything over 12 inch? thanks fam

Whats “high pressure”? 100psi or 100bar?

double bolts on each side sorry I’m not sure of the name of the type

At a certain point I’d expect the rating of a big spool to be so low that a regular or high tri-clamp won’t really matter.

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What’s the rating on the 15" body? Also what the hell are you doing that you have a 15" triclamp spool?


They arent safe to use at that size…

On that sized diameter, you need to use a bolted flange, or another custom mating surface.

Both sides have to have a flat or grooved face that you either use a gasket or gasket maker on, and you bolt the faces together. Torqued to spec.

No way you can triclamp something that big.

The external forces being applied to the bolts on the triclamp at that large of a diameter are far to high. On top of the triclamp body itself being incapable of being rated to pressures high enough for bigger than a 12" diameter, usually.


Thanks I appreciate the reply that’s kind of what I was thinking .Idk why they gave me these to use.


Post up pics.

Im sure we can figure it out with you.

To my knowledge 15" SS sanitary spools are rarely only in the dairy industry for special applications but as Channachem stated due to the lack of structural integrity would not be suitable for “high pressure” could cause vacuum implosions on the opposite side of the spectrum . from what I have seen spools larger than 12" generally have specialty bulkhead flange fittings like pictured.image


What’s the purpose of the piece you’re using and is it for butane? If so, just add another 12" piece if you need it.

another option would be to put the parts of the extractor that needs to be chilled in say a something from a modified chest freezer to a walk in freezer depending on the size and have the jacketed parts vacuumed " this would increase the max psi possible of the unit to achieve.