High end Centrifuge filter hemp extractor stock in USA for sale!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

We have a big sale for this equipment!

There are 2 centrifuges stock in our warehouse now and on sale!

The size of them: 30punds biomaterial per batch.
75punds biomaterial per batch

They are the most high end machine:
Inverter controller is from ABB/Honeywell
Electrical components are from Snyder

If you are just looking for it, pls don’t miss it.

DM me or contact me by :

How dose centrifuge filter work - YouTube

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Is this located in the USA? If so how much do you need for it?


Hi , Yes, it’s stock in USA.

Pls let me know your email address, i’ll send you echnical parameters and prices.

Hi Ryder,

It’s located in Huntington Beach, CA

They have very good price for clear inventory!

Welcome for more information!

This is my whatsapp OR code, welcome to contact me!

Still available?

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Sorry for late reply. Yes, available.

Do you have UL components available to install in US?

Hi It’s not UL listed.

Siemens imported touch screen, ABB/Honeywell frequency converter from American, Schneider electrical components.

My email address: sunnyren@kedainstrument.com

I’m interested in your 30pound what’s the price?

Good news!

We have 3% discount in this Month. If any interest, pls feel free to contact me!

Hi Ryder,

We have one PPTD-50 stock now. The price is very good!

Contact me, we will share you more infromation!

Hi Trevmon,

The quality of it is very good, we share you some feedback from our customers below this post

We got many good feedback from our customers:

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Feedback picture:

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Customers’ picture about our centrifuge filter

Hi, We have PPTD-50 centrifuge is stock in our warehouse.

It can process about 30LB biomaterial per time.

If more information needed, pls feel free to let me know.