High CBN Conversion Methods


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There is a reported oxidation of diol in CBD to the quinone in SciFinder. I have the citation.


Place iT love to read iT :+1:


World Intellectual Property Organization, WO2015158381 A1 2015-10-22


Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2004), 47(15), 3800-3806

both procedures call for strong base to have the phenol undergo keto-enol tautomerization.

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Toluene is essential for the reaction.

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Why is that?

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Has anyone been trying this with cannabinoid isolates vs full spectrum distillates? Would that even make a difference?


In the original paper they report good conversion whether crude oil or isolate.


You should run this on isolate. If you put a mixture of things into this reaction you will get a lot of random side products that you will not be able to identify. The saying “shit in, shit out” applies here.


They also purified via chromatography and isolated the CBN moeity so you will still have to deal with purification either way.


Which is why I initially wrote off this method until I could afford proper chromatography equipment, but if @Shadownaught is doing fine without that step and just using a sodium thiosulfate wash, I’m thinking this could be a very economical method for THC remediation of hemp distillate. Though CBN levels as high as 4% may be an issue for people just trying to use CBD in the middle of the workday without wanting to fall asleep at their desks. Or worse, at the wheel. I have access to some RSO that I can experiment with as soon as I get the iodine in.

I also wanted to know, what is it specifically about sodium thiosulfate that works in removing the iodine? About the only literature I could find on the interaction of the two substances was the iodine clock reaction, but then again I only did a quick google search with no scholarly articles.


Sodium thiosulfate sequesters the iodine making the ionic compound water soluable and able to be solubilized the the aqueous layer of an extraction.

Sodium thiosulfate is used in most work ups of reactions containing iodine including hypervalent iodine oxidations possibly the most common.

2Na2S2O3 + I2 → Na2S4O6 + 2NaI

Source: https://chemiday.com/en/reaction/3-1-0-997


Why do you want the quinone by the way?


Cbdquinone has a better body uptake
Than cbd for patientc

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Cite this paper please that suggest these medicinal results


Have you tried hydrogen peroxide?


Not yet but i am gona sort of feels like a Strong reagent but
I Will try Some this week


You mentioned pure oxygen so i figured :man_shrugging:


Hello, needing help in converting d9-thc into CBN or any other cannabinoids without effecting cannabidiol quality.

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