High Cannabinoid Fem Seed. Futures contracts and spot sales.

Hello fellow farmers!! I would officially like to introduce myself.

I am David with 5 Star Botanicals,
We are a Nevada based hemp company that specialized in seed production and large scale cultivation.
We currently have a 30,000 SF Facility with greenhouses and indoor rooms built out to aid the production of feminized seed. We also have a 5500 acre farm under contract where we currently utilize (4) 130 acre pivots for the cultivation of high CBD Biomass.

We are currently in the process of breeding F1’s of some of our favorite cultivars from last season, while also working on 8+ new cultivars. We are currently focusing all of our efforts on selectively breeding out THCA altogether, this would guarantee farmers a compliant harvest.

Until we can completely guarantee that future crops will not test back for THCA, we will strive to aid our farmers the entire way. How will we do that?

-Free consultation with ALL futures contracts
-Free farm visits with all 100+ acre contracts.
-Free drone surveys for all 100+ acre contracts
-Free %THC testing
-Free “Recipe for success” PDF and poster

How are we different from other breeders?
-True Testing of genetics DNA
-No “breeders rights” nonsense
-Direct source, want to visit our facility? 8a-8p Mon-Friday.

Email me anytime with questions - David@5Starbotanicals.com

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