HHC, the good, the bad.... The ugly?

What does make HHC good…

What makes HHC bad…

What makes it ugly?

User rewiews welcome

Hazard warnings welcome

And opinons aswell…welcome

As a community we should identifiy this (plague) in my opinion but Id like to adress it when I find my kids vaping hhc spice like compounds “from controlled labs”.

Just to get awerness out and to differentiate the hhceed from the weed.

No offense to those who do you pharmacovigilance on the subject and other production related due diligence.

Best to the community…

One of the isomers is inactive

9S is basically equivalent to cbn

9R is stronger then D8 but less active then D9


I believe the biggest benefit compared to most other cannabinoids is the shelf life stability. It does not readily oxidize at 98%+ purity, which is expected considering it is a hydrogenated compound. This is a significant issue for high purity d9THC and d8THC.

Negatives include the potential for the presence of heavy metals that are not on a standard panel (Ni, Pt, Pd). Along with this, it is a dangerous process at scale and should be treated with respect.


The fact that it’s possible to produce it at 99% purity relatively cheaply is an absolute benefit (when compared to converted D8/D9) it’s unfortunate that there’s no simple way to separate 9R/9S at scale. I actually love the unique effects of HHC, its long lasting and gives me less anxiety then D8 or D9.

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Someone told me its between d8 and d9 in effect.

For a lack of a better portrait: " you know thet feeling when you take a dab of resin? Well, its kind of like thc but cant quite get there to the top of the mountain… Your lingering below the summit".

Kind of colorfull:)

The chemicals involved in hydrogenated products are probably none to mess with aswell when being introduced in vivo?

The heavy metals mentioned here, are surely as dangerous as with d8 d9 or am I missing something here.

Also ratios over 70%in R are supposedly super active…

I am reluctant to try this unless it comes from a GMP lab, with a couple of phds in pharmacy leading their qc.

It might be from what Ive seen in practice and from what Ive read from years here, that ( quite justifiably) made me very untrustfull of the average product floating throught the cannabis industry ether…


international distribution, distribution into illegal d8 state.

Thats the story. As far as the demand side.


Any d8 d9 or other residuals after the process is finished?

Not d9 thc, unless you for some reason made from d9 thc. But sometimes less 1% or less of d8 thc. Most can get it under .3% or even ND.

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We believe we have a way to do it, but there would be an approximate 30% increase in cost.

Question for everyone - would you pay extra for HHC with an 9R in the 90%s?


We would indeed

That would probably do amazing in europe

I agree, they love their R over there. But price usually seems to win out in the long run for distribution tbh…

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I think thats a problem of knoweledge on the consumer/ retail end. I didnt even know about the difference of R and S until I read your message today. If more people knew about that in europe im sure it would soar in popularity being the most potent legal psychoative noid available

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Surprisingly the people in Europe are very educated on the R/S, they are very conscious of having the highest R possible. They are also very price competitive to the states, tbh we sell for less in Europe than we do in the states.

Wow thats nuts I wonder if its the storefront educating people or if consumer are just more conscious of their goods

I think its just the distributors i am sure the consumer has no idea over there. The gas station smoke shop consumer in the US probably has hardly any idea what they are buying too.

Pretty much coming down to attractive packaging in the US at this point, and your existing distribution chain. Most big companies are old vape guys, who had exisiting distribution.


Well, since most HHC has r in the 40 or 50s, I’d at least pay double for it!

I bet it’s people used to buying synthetic cannabinoids. We have a surprising amount of businessmen in the US that think D8 is extracted from hemp rather then converted


In response to the heavy metals comment, the process to make HHC uses one of the metals I listed as a catalyst. If the post-processing work up is not correctly done, the metals can remain in the final product.

Normal hemp/cannabis tests look for mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. The metals specific to hydrogenation require a more intricate (and expensive) heavy metals test.

Still have to educate the consumer on why your product is better, unless the potency improvement is so significant that it will speak for itself. I am undecided on this, but plan to at least make a small batch in the 90s to see what folks think.