HHC/CBN blend $850 (41% R)


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HHC/CBN blend 41% R $850
SA-220713-10428 MC Nutraceuticals HHC_CBN-20220616.pdf (827.7 KB)

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or put differently “we can’t make neither HHC nor CBN successfully since our chemist can’t wrap his head around the principles of catalytic dehydrogenation, so we’re selling the mixed crap we get from our dirty process”

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Actually, our CBN and HHC are testing great by themselves as well!

Not with the tons of aluminium in there, this shit is a lung fibrosis hazard. You fuckers have no regard whatsoever for the health of your customers.

Where would aluminum be introduced in the process?

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You’re the one who posted your relevant CoAs. I’d say if you have to ask that question you have much bigger problems.

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Please refer to where I have posted a COA with aluminum in our material. If you are referring to palladium/platinum on alumina, well alumina isn’t aluminum so…

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You edited the post i am referring to (probably because you realized the CoAs weren’t that favourable to show around) but the uploaded images are still there, please go find it yourself.

That was someone else’s material man, i edited becuase it served the industry no justice.

You are out of your element Donny.



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Mark it a zero!


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