Hermaphrodite tendency breeding question

Is it neccesarily a bad idea to breed a strain that exhibited hermaphrodite tendencies with a stable F3 strain?

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Yes from a breeding stand point.


Breeding with a herm plant will only allow that herm trait to transfer over to the new line.

Og GG4 (gorilla glue 4), I’m talking the original josey Wales cut from 2012/2013. That was an accidental herm strain. BUT this particular strain is a freak of nature. I’ve never had her throw a nanner ever. I’ve ran her to 75 days before.

Others say they have seen nanners.

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lets be honest here, you also have your room dialed in to the Tee, so chances are the nanners only show under slight to moderate environmental stress lol

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I’ve had of gg4 since 12/13. I’ve had 3 different grow spots, upgraded my rooms 2x, and 2 light upgrades. I wasnt always this dialed in as I am now

I’ve posted this before. Heres a scenario.

I tested a new strawberry cough strain. 10 seeds, 7 hermied. I caught 6. 1 speed nanner/hermie pollen over 16 of gg4. The OG gg4 ALL had beans. I thought I had a new killer strain. I popped 60 or so seeds. Put into flower. Every damn one tossed nanners at week 2.5.

From my findings, if it’s a genetic hermie, those are expressed at weeks 2.5 or weeks 6. If it’s an environmental hermie, that can happen anytime from flip to chop.


I agree with that statement based on my experience too. I’ve grown tons of hermies in my day just to try and figure them out and see if it was just me or genetics. I’ve seen both scenarios happen.


This is the main reason I’ve never grown a GSC or a cross of GSC (girl scout cookies). Gsc have been prooven unstable a very long time.

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Agreed to all of the above

I don’t mean using hermaphrodite pollen, I mean breeding a female plant from a bag of seeds that has like a 6% herm rate.

Yeah heat stress will throw manners all day but idk if I can call that a hermie.

Hermie seeds make more hermies. It is even worse than regular m/f seeds, as they can be 2/3rds to 3/4 male/herm instead of just 50/50 male to female.


anyone know of a lab that can test for hermaphrodite potential?